The Shop at St. Ignatius (Catholic Bookstore & Gift Shop in San Francisco)

Located inside St. Ignatius Church, the shop offers a thoughtful selection of Catholic literature from contemporary Catholic thought leaders and authors, votive candles, sacramental selections (for Baptisms, Holy Communion, Confirmation, Matrimony) and merchandise reflective of a vibrant, diverse, Jesuit Catholic Parish.  Our setting provides a relaxing, contemplative environment that encourages browsing, reading, reflection.  Proceeds from the store support our myriad local outreach ministries that serve a variety of community needs.

Business Hours:
Monday - Friday, 10:00am - 5:00pm (closed on Saturday)
Sunday, 9:00am -  6:30pm

The Shop is also open 24 hrs a day ONLINE too!

Featured Items

The Shop at St. Ignatius features a wide variety of books and gifts for your faith journey.  Please browse our featured items below and come to the church to visit our store.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Devotional Oil
Our Lady of Guadalupe Devotional Oil is the ideal blend for those who wish to invoke the mercy, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, and protection of the Great Mother Mary. The oil can be applied to the skin, statues, crosses, rosary beads, in the bath, or even in a diffuser.

Noah's Ark Night Light
Our night light is made with high-quality porcelain and features a colorful design that includes, giraffes, lions, elephants, birds, and monkeys. Perfect for the nursery, childrens' bedroom, day care center, or given as a baby shower gift!

The Loyola Treasury of Saints
by David Self
Both children and adults will enjoy this beautiful collection of over 100 saint biographies.  The Loyola Treasury of Saints, by David Self, contains vibrant stories, illustration, and photographs that detail the lives of saints from the time of Jesus to today.  Many of the saint biographies are accompanied by short explanations of historical and cultural settings, as well as anecdotes about the times in which the saints lived.  Hardcover.

Living With Wisdom: A life of Thomas Merton
Here is a lavish pictorial biography of Thomas Merton, the extraordinary Trappist monk whose writings--including his classic autobiography, The Seven Storey Mountain--exerted a profound influence on millions.  An extensive collection of photographs captures the life and vision of one if the greatest spiritual figures of the century. Paperback.

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