The Shop at St. Ignatius (Catholic Gift & Bookstore)

Located inside St. Ignatius Church, the shop offers a thoughtful selection of Catholic literature from contemporary Catholic thought leaders and authors, votive candles, sacramental selections (for Baptisms, Holy Communion, Confirmation, Matrimony) and merchandise reflective of a vibrant, diverse, Jesuit Catholic Parish.  Our setting provides a relaxing, contemplative environment that encourages browsing, reading, reflection.  Proceeds from the store support our myriad local outreach ministries that serve a variety of community needs.


What you can do to help:

Bookstore “Ambassador” shifts take place in the morning and afternoon, throughout the week and weekend.  Come shadow a current volunteer to learn what’s involved, enjoy our newly renovated space, and explore our thoughtfully curated merchandise from Catholic communities located around the globe.

One 4 hour shift, as often as you are able to accommodate!

To reach The Shop at St. Ignatius ONLINE, click HERE.


Teresa Cariño
(415) 422-2195

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