Social Ministries Funding Committee

Do you know of a charitable agency that could use some funding?

The St. Ignatius Parish Mercy and Justice Commission, through its Social Ministries Funding Committee, distributes grants to charities that help the neediest among us in our city community.

We particularly would like to support programs in which our parishioners are actively involved, and which reflect the advocacy and social justice values of our Jesuit community. The committee annually distributes $30,000 from the St. Ignatius Parish Social Ministries Endowment Fund to organizations working with the neediest populations.

The members of our Social Ministries Funding Committee are your fellow-parishioners, and they are all volunteers for this mission as well as for many of the agencies we support. They will carefully consider each request received.

Please download the Request for Funding form to the rights of this page and mail it to the Parish Office, or use it as a basis for an email to send to:

Theresa Moser, RSCJ, Chair of the Social Ministries Funding Committee.

Thanks for your help!


Theresa Moser, RSCJ

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