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The Shelter Meal Program is making some temporary adjustments so that we can continue to serve those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.  For the present, we will not be preparing, delivering and serving meals out of the Shelter Kitchen.  We hope to resume that service in 2021 when there is an effective vaccine that allows us to gather indoors without risk of spreading the coronavirus that can lead to COVID-19.

However, the needs of our community – including access to nourishing food – has not disappeared.  Indeed, closure of community centers and high unemployment in the Bay Area, which affects the most vulnerable, the need has increased.  Senior citizens need easy to prepare foods and toiletries.  Folks who are unemployed or earn low wages due to reduced hours, including many essential workers, look to the City’s local Food Bank for assistance. However, the Food Bank is not always able to provide culturally appropriate food as highlighted in recommendations made by our City’s Food Security Task Force.  To help fill these gaps, we will be partnering with community groups who are there, on the ground, assessing the need and suggesting ways we can help.  Working with St. Ignatius Parish, we will be hosting a supplemental grocery drive on Sundays to collect selected items for these organizations.  

We have two projects we are going to start on right away.

 1. Cultural Supplemental Grocery Drive for the San Francisco Latinx Community. We’ll do this collection of dried beans (e.g. black, pinto, etc.) and corn tortillas on the second Sunday of every month

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2. Senior and Disabled Adults Supplemental Grocery Drive for Catholic Charities. We’ll do this collection of individual portions of canned tuna or chicken, pasta and cereal on the fourth Sunday of every month.  

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*Please note: Nutrition shakes (e.g. Orgain, Ensure, Vega) are needed on both Sundays.

Starting in early 2021, the Shelter Meal Program will also be providing by direct vendor delivery of fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy, and meats to those who are operating community kitchens serving seniors, disabled adults and low-income families in the Bay Area.  Please look for further announcements on that.  

And, as the winter weather arrives, we will continue to reach out to the shelters and community organizations to assess additional needs, and again, finding ways to help.  We will ask of our volunteers to donate their time and talents, as well as contribute to the Parish’s supplemental grocery drive on Sundays.  For the coming months, the Shelter Meal Program and its dedicated team of volunteers will do what it has always done so well in the past – reach out to those in need, try to figure out the small things that we can do to help, and with our hearts and our hands, serve with love.


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