Parish Picnic

This event is held each September after a combined 10 am Sunday Mass (9:30 am & 11:00 am Masses combined).  We gather just outside the church on the USF lawn for delicious BBQ lunch, silent auction, raffle, and fun & games for the whole family.  It is a popular event and brings 300+ parishioners together for a fun-filled day.

Parishioners can help in a variety of ways:

¨ Cook the food.

¨ Help in the kitchen.

¨ Run the auction or raffle.

¨ Apply your organizational skills.

¨ Bake a dessert.

¨ Serve the food.

¨ Organize some games for children.

Generally, a number of committees are formed for the event and parishioners can fill in where they find the most interest.


What you can do to help:

Several co-chairs and chairs are needed with good organizational skills.


Time commitment:

Once a year.  The time commitment varies by task.  Some require a month for start up and others are on the day of the event.



Natasha Dalzell-Martinez
(415) 240-1564

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