Parish Council

Role of the Parish Council:

The Parish Council provides a common direction and focus for the Parish as a whole and sets the vision for the five working Commissions.


Example Criteria for Membership on the Parish Council:

¨ Is a member of one of the Commissions.

¨ Be able to see the larger picture, not just a single ministry.

¨ Can dream and envision for the Parish as a whole.

¨ Willing to listen and learn about parishioners’ desires and concerns.

¨ Can work easily with groups and ministries.

¨ Have a desire to empower others and be a resource to them.


Time Commitment:

Each member of the Parish Council will serve a two-year term.  Parish Council holds a brief “stand-up meeting” at the end of the Leadership Night meeting that includes all the Commissions.  The Council also meets quarterly for longer strategic meetings, usually 2-3 hours, generally on the 1st Thursday of September, December, March, and June.



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