Parish Commissions

Commissions are groups of selected parishioners who work together to give direction to each aspect of Parish life:  Administration, Formation, Outreach, Community and Worship.  Each Commission sets both short-term and long-term goals and action plans that are consistent with the Mission Statement of the Parish.

The roles of all Commissions are:

Linking:  To connect regularly with each organization or ministry within its area of oversight.

Assessment:  To evaluate what is going on in their ministry groups, to provide resources and support, and then to hold the individuals and groups accountable for what they do.

Visioning:  To dream what could happen to set goals for the future.

Funneling:  The Commissions set direction for their area. It is up to others within the ministry groups to be “the doers.”  The Commission may also set up new ministry groups to accomplish the goals of the Parish.

Example Criteria for Service on a Commission:

¨ Be a leader who observes what is happening in the Parish and engages with parishioners.

¨ Be able to plan and vision while leaving the implementation to others.

¨ Be willing to work with others in partnership and mutual interaction.

Time Commitment:  Each member of the Commission will serve a three-year term with one third of the membership being selected each year.

Meetings:  Attendance at leadership meetings on the 2nd Tuesdays of the month, 6:00 – 8:00 pm, except August and December.



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