Name Tag Month

As part of our Parish’s effort to be a welcoming and inviting community, Name Tag Month is held in the spring and fall each year, where worshipers and visitors are invited to wear a name tag during Mass.  Although a simple concept, Name Tag Month has proven to be a popular and effective way to help our community get to know each other by name, and become a worshiping community one with each other.

A compliment to the Greeters & Ushers Ministry, we invite volunteers during these months to host one of the name tag tables at the entrances of the church to invite and encourage all to wear a name tag in the spirit of community and prayer.

What you can do to help:  Welcome and encourage people coming in to fill out and wear a name tag during Mass.

Time Commitment:  Arrive 15 minutes before scheduled Mass time.



Cathleen Rigatti

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