Music Ministry and Choirs

Have you thought about singing in the choir and attend the 5 pm Mass?

Perhaps, you are new to the area or are a student looking to join a musical group at church?

Consider trying the 5 pm Liturgical Choir - we are growing and open to new members throughout these summer months. Rehearsal is typically 30-45 minutes before Mass begins.

Please contact Teresa Dusell at the contact info on the right of this page or reach out to one of the choir members after Mass.


Singers assist the congregation in worship by leading the singing during Mass. Instrumentalists enrich and add varied accompaniment to our sung prayer. We have a variety of contemporary and formal music settings. 


Ability to match pitch and sing well with others.

11 am Motet Choir usually requires prior experience.

Instrumentalists should be proficient on their instrument.

Generally, singers - junior high and older, and instrumentalists - advanced high school players and older.

Special opportunities exist for Christmas Choir for adults and children, and classic choral works such as Faure's Requiem this November. 

To discuss joining the choir, please contact our Director of Music,
Teresa DuSell, or click on the link to the to access the Volunteer Form.


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