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The Manresa Gallery is named after the cave near Barcelona, Spain, where in 1534 St. Ignatius wrote down reflections of his spiritual struggles.  They became known as The Spiritual Exercises.  Analogous to Manresa, the various southeast alcoves of the St. Ignatius space offer a place where one can contemplate deeper meaning. By using art that engages all of the senses in what Ignatius called the “Contemplation of Place,” one not only can enter into the historical reality of an other’s story but discover simultaneously one’s own: where one’s emotions, thoughts and desires move into the present. Following Ignatius, the Gallery offers both traditional and contemporary art as a way to negotiate, in light of various faith traditions, where one is and who one can become.


Manresa Gallery juxtaposes traditional and contemporary art to highlight diverse expressions of faith. It provides a space for local and international artists to contemplate and expand spiritual practices through artistic expression and community dialogue.

Questions of active spiritualities are at the center of the Gallery’s mission. Those posed invite a broad spectrum of art for an increasingly wider exploration of work that engages faith and the divine. The explorations, especially those addressing interfaith issues, present not just theoretical or purely aesthetic concerns. They provide a platform for motivated dialogues and an outreach that capitalizes on extensive community involvement.

Gallery Hours

Gallery hours are Fridays 1:pm to 5:00pm and Sunday mornings after each mass and from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. Gallery tours and viewing are available by appointment. Please call 415.422.5901 or email to schedule an appointment.


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Fr. Jim Blaettler, S.J.

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