Las Vecinas de El Salvador

“Let this be clear: when the Church preaches social justice, equality, and the dignity of people, defending those who suffer and those who are assaulted, this is not subversion . . . This is the authentic teaching of the Church.”  -Saint Oscar Romero
A delegation from St. Ignatius Parish visits Parroquia San Antonio

Las Vecinas is a joint ministry of St. Ignatius Parish and our sister parish in El Salvador, Parroquia San Antonio. Working together as partners and friends since 2001, our ministry works to maintain an ongoing relationship with the people of El Salvador and help those in the greatest need. As sister parishes, St. Ignatius Parish and Parroquia San Antonio are committed to strengthening our friendship and working together in support of peace with justice. In accordance with our Sister Parish Covenant, we are committed to:

• Educating ourselves and our community about El Salvador, her people, and our sister parish.
• Strengthening the ties between the members of our two parishes through ongoing communications and by sponsoring delegations and other visits between the parishes.
• Organizing activities that advance peace with justice and strengthen the well-being of our communities.
• Raising funds for scholarships, educational and job training programs, disaster relief, and other community projects sponsored by Parroquia San Antonio.
• Uniting in prayer, the Eucharist, and other expressions of faith.

To achieve these goals, the Las Vecinas ministry in San Francisco:

• Organizes educational events for the members of St. Ignatius Parish.
• Communicates on a regular basis with the Las Vecinas social action committee of Parroquia San Antonio.
• Organizes delegations from St. Ignatius Parish to El Salvador.
• Hosts delegations from Parroquia San Antonio to San Francisco.
• Raises funds for specific programs and projects of Parroquia San Antonio, including student scholarships, food distribution, disaster relief, and job and skills training programs to help people earn a living or additional income. We currently support training programs in tailoring/dressmaking, bakery skills, arts and crafts/event decoration, and English.
• Maintains awareness and involvement in movements affecting the lives of Salvadorans, such as U.S. immigration policy, immigrant rights issues, climate change, and gang violence, which contribute to the plight of Salvadorans at home and abroad.


For more information, see our  Sister Parish Covenant and a summary of our  Social Service Projects in El Salvador.


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