Sunday Hospitality

You are invited to join fellow parishioners for an hour of community, sharing and learning following the 10:00am Livestream Mass every Sunday morning!

Just after the Mass ends, parishioners gather for guided meditations, lectures and remarks from faith formation leaders, and other community activities.


2020-2021 Schedule:

June 6

Catholic Values and the Crisis at the Border

Join us for the final Hospitality Hour session on Sunday June 6th, where we'll hear from Mary Waskowiak R.S.M., a leader on the front lines of the migrant crisis at the U.S.-Tijuana border.


May 23
A Conversation with Our Sister Parish
Please join members of Las Vecinas in San Francisco and Soyapango for a conversation about what has been happening at Parroquia San Antonio and in El Salvador, how they are coping with the pandemic, and how the programs we sponsor are going.


May 9
Mary our Mother, Model for Disciples
In this morning’s reflection, Mary Abinante helps us take a look at Mary beyond the holy cards, and see how her faith and life can be a model for all who choose to follow Jesus in any age.



April 18
How Being a Catholic Affects....(My Writing)
Local author Mary F. Burns presented a series of thoughtful ideas and questions about How Being a Catholic affects us in our daily life, occupations and pursuits--in her case, writing historical fiction. With titles like "Ember Days" and "J--The Woman Who Wrote the Bible", her novels are imbued with Catholic symbols, traditions, values and philosophy. A brief presentation will be followed by opportunities to respond, ask questions and share experiences about Being a Catholic in your own life.


March 21
Gospel Contemplation: The Raising of Lazarus
In the 2nd week of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius  we are invited to deeply contemplate scenes from the Gospel and the life and  ministry of Jesus to help guide our prayer. During our hospitality hour we meditate upon the story of the Raising of Lazarus from John’s Gospel as part of our Lenten prayer.

The Divine Heart: Living in God’s Love
Colette Lafia, a distinguished meditation leader will talk about the spirituality which allows us to enter the heart of God and find ways to live our lives in and joined to God’s love.


March 7
The Five Wishes—Planning for One’s Death and Funeral
Maureen O'Hara will introduce to the Five Wishes document which helps think about what we want in facing crucial sickness or death and our funeral. What choices for actions or people involved do we want those who know who mourn our deaths.


February 28, 2021
Soul of the Nation : Art in the Age of Black Power 1963–1983

This internationally acclaimed exhibition, organized by Tate Modern and now on display at the de Young Museum, celebrates art made by Black artists during two pivotal decades when issues of race and identity dominated and defined both public and private discourse. Join parishioner and docent at the Fine Arts Museum Marsha Holm for a discussion on this socially-critical topic.

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February 21
Preparing for Lent: Understanding the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius

God’s intense and intimate love for us, and the reality of how that informs our experience of the reality of evil in our lives, is a central focus of the First Week of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola. Join us in this hospitality hour  with Bobby Karle as we consider how we might explore this further in the upcoming weeks of Lent.


February 14
Why The Role of Memory, Heart and Community in the Art of Doing Theology

Edwardo Fernandez S.J., a Professor Pastoral Theology at the Jesuit School in Berkeley, will discuss how much memory, our own hearts and community play in theology.


February 1
Ministry Spotlight: Laudato si' Circle

A spotlight on the Laudato si' Circle, a ministry where small groups of people meet regularly to deepen their relationship with God as creator and all members of creation. This ministry works to connect ourselves and others to messages in Pope Francis's Encyclical on the Environment through prayer, reflection and action. Come learn more about this ministry and how you can participate!


January 31
Introduction to the Spiritual Exercises: Father John Auther, S.J.

A presentation on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. As a Jesuit Parish we often hear references to the Spiritual Exercises as a resource for our spiritual growth as individuals and as a community. Join us for this hospitality hour as Father John Auther, S.J. from the Jesuit Retreat Center at Los Altos offers us an introduction to the basic structure and movements of St. Ignatius' Exercises, and the resources they offer for spiritual development.


January 24
Ministry Spotlight: Shelter Meal

How we serve San Francisco communities through our Shelter Meal program. Tiffany Kearney is a registered dietitian and the lead nutritionist for the Department of Disability and Aging Services in the City and County of San Francisco.  Tiffany oversees the delivery of the City's community-based nutrition and wellness services for older adults and people with disabilities.  Tiffany has worked with a variety of stakeholders to deliver community-based programming and services that support the health and well-being of older adults, people with disabilities and under-served communities for over 20 years in San Francisco.


January 17
Veronica Rolf: "Living Resurrected Lives"

Veronica Mary Rolf, author, podcaster, and retreat leader, on her new book (co-authored with her daughter, Eva Natanya PhD) entitled Living Resurrected Lives: What it Means and Why it Matters. This is the companion volume to Suddenly There is God: The Story of Our Lives in Sacred Scripture, which won the 2020 Catholic Press Association Book Award for Scripture. Veronica will explore what it would take to believe so firmly in resurrection—both Christ’s glorification and the promise of our own—that our lives would be radically transformed by that faith right now. Her website is:



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