Neighbor to Neighbor

Neighbor to Neighbor is a group of St. Ignatius Parish volunteers who work together to periodically assist other parishioners in need. Sometimes these needs are a one-time request like driving an elderly parishioner to a doctor’s appointment. In other cases, it is a recurring need like dropping off groceries.


Here’s how it works: Volunteers sign up to be on an email list, and when a request comes into the Parish Office, an email goes out to see who can respond to the request for assistance. Putting your name on the volunteer list means you will get an email each time a service is requested.  It does not mean you are required to fill the need.  You can pick and choose at your convenience how and when you would like to help out.

Examples of how Neighbor to Neighbor can help:

•        Providing a home-cooked meal when someone is sick or hospitalized.

•        Bringing ready-to-cook meals for New Baby Respite time for the family.

•        Visiting elderly parishioners, just to chat and see how things are going.

•        Driving people to the doctor for those who have a hard time with public transportation.

•        Changing a light bulb that is too high for someone to reach.

•        Doing occasional or regular grocery shopping.

•        Providing rides to Sunday Mass.

•        Bringing Eucharist to the home-bound.

•        Walking with someone who had a stroke and needs some exercise.

And the list goes on.  In addition to the usefulness of this program in a neighborly sort of way, the program builds strong relationships with other parishioners, and brings to life our Jesuit commitment to Service.  Please consider adding your name to the list of volunteers who have committed to helping those in need within our own wonderful St. Ignatius Parish Community.

If you would like a volunteer to help you, please call the Parish Office at: (415) 422-2188.


Coordinators: Mary Burns & Christine Kennedy

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