Get on the Bus

Get on the Bus was started in 2000 to respond to an unmet need for free transportation, so that children could be united with their parents in prison.

Today, Get on the Bus provides children and their caregivers with pre-trip assistance, including:  prison visitation requirements, transportation, meals, travel bags, a family photograph, special activities with their parent inside, dinner, and opportunities for counseling.

Due to the travel distance and distressed circumstances, this visit is often the only time most of the children will see their parents during the year.

In 2015, Get on the Bus facilitated the clearances of more than 3,000 individuals to visit mothers and fathers, filled 50 buses with approximately 1,500 children and their caregivers, and visited 11 prisons.

Get on the Bus springs from the philosophical and practical aspects of the Restorative Justice movement, which works toward shifting the focus of the criminal justice system from punishment to healing.


What you can do to help & time commitments:

¨ Staffing Visiting Rooms on Event Day; 8 hours.

¨ Prepare and serve breakfast at St. Sebastian’s Church in Larkspur to bus travelers before the San Quentin visit; 4 hours.

¨ Design event flyer, 2-3 hours.

¨ Staffing tables after Masses before Mother’s Day and Father’s Day; 1-2 hours per Sunday.

¨ Tracking On the Bus Donations; 5 hours.

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