St. Agnes Snack Bag Food Drive

The needs for the St. Agnes Pantry Food Drive collection have changed.

As a separate ministry from the St. Ignatius and St. Agnes Community Food Pantry housed at St. Agnes, the St. Agnes Pantry Food Drive collection now requests foods in easy-to-open packaging for snack bags that will be distributed to people living on the streets or who don't have access to a kitchen.

To support this new focus of the St. Agnes Pantry Food Drive ministry, please bring items, such as the following:

-Boxed or canned juice, e.g. V8.

-Vienna sausage or other protein packaged in a pull-top container.

-Fruit cups or apple sauce.

-Protein bars or other healthy snacks.

Please place your contributions in the baskets located at the church entrances at any of the weekend Masses.


Michael & Irene Cahalan

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