Parish Finance Manager - new job posting

Date: May 15, 2017

Job Title:  Parish Finance Manager

Existing Position


Related Archdiocesan position classification: Parish Finance Manager

Job level: Exempt, E-4

Position Summary Description: The Finance Manager is responsible for all financial matters of the parish including maintenance of all bookkeeping records (ledgers, payroll, accounts receivable and payable), current financial information on all investment funds, preparation of financial reports and presentation materials for parish Finance Committee meetings, development and tracking of the parish budget; annual reporting to parishioners, and compliance with all government and ADSF reporting requirements. This is an exempt part-time position, approximately 25 hours/week.

Supervisor: Gary Price, Senior Director of Parish Operations                                            

Main Job Responsibilities:

1.    All parish bookkeeping tasks, currently performed in Quickbooks. Responsible for paying all invoices due, keeping track of payables and receivables, recording deposits, bank reconciliations, and customized reporting as requested to parish staff and parishioners responsible for various accounts.

2.    Proactively communicates a payment calendar to contractors, choir, musicians, and other individuals and sends reminders when documentation of hours worked is due. Accommodates reasonable requests for off-cycle payments.

3.    Works with volunteers who count collections income and enters weekly collections data into Parish Soft.

4.    Reconciles investment accounts on a monthly basis and updates in Quickbooks accordingly. Ensures we have details from both Schwab and any Investment Managers to ensure accounts are correct. Tracks and reports investment performance vs. benchmarks and highlights potential deviations for discussion with Finance & Investments Committee. 

5.    Requests funds from appropriate accounts for Social Ministries Committee spending (semi-annually), Manresa Gallery reimbursement (semi-annually), and transfer of funds to Pastor Liquidity Fund and Maintenance Liquidity Fund, as needed. Monitors levels in Social Ministries Fund and Maintenance Fund to ensure compliance with restrictions.     

6.    Completes monthly report and insights to the parish Finance & Investments Committee including preparation of summary charts highlighting results, deviations from budget, and the reasons. Attends Finance & Investment Committee meetings as needed (usually 4 or 5 per year).

7.    Works with USF to ensure that monthly invoices for payroll, telephone, postage, work orders, billings from events management and Bon Appetit catering are correct and are categorized correctly in Quickbooks.

8.    Leads the parish budget setting and management process from working drafts to final, establishing a calendar with checkpoints and clarity on required inputs. Provides historical data and consistently formatted input templates for capturing spending proposals and for documenting assumptions by staff functional area and by commission. Prepares summary charts for budget planning discussions with parish staff, commissions and committees.

9.    Tracks actual spending vs. budget in Quickbooks and reports deviations monthly. Provides staff with detailed reports of income and expense accounts on a quarterly basis, or as needed to enable accountability for budget.

10.  Works with the Senior Director of Operations to develop a capital budget and spending plan aligned with the operating budget and available income from investment funds. Tracks and reports a management view of spending and an accounting view as required.

11.  Work with the parish auditor, currently DZH Phillips, to complete an annual review, providing all financial information requested.

12.  Completes required Archdiocese of San Francisco annual report – usually in September. Ensures accuracy of submission and compliance with all ADSF reporting requirements. Proactively communicates with ADSF finance staff to address any questions and ensure integrity of the submission.

13.  Ensures compliance with all government regulations. Keeps W-9’s in good order and files 1099’s in January. Files California Domestic Corporation form – biannually. Files California State Tax report to the Board of Equalization Annually and San Francisco Business Registration for St. Ignatian Counseling Institute for Family Life.

14.  Understands our insurance liability exposure and proactively solicits a review at least annually.

15.  Facilitates financial management of sacramental income, votive candle revenue, bookstore, events, and other sources of parish income.  

16.  Helps promote the use of the church as a venue for concerts, recordings and cultural events. Manages event contracts, ensuring that deposits, proof of liability coverage, and payments are received in a timely manner. Works with sacristans, event coordinators and USF public safety to ensure events are managed smoothly. 

17.  Seeks to simplify parish administrative procedures. Develops relationships with other parishes to understand best practices and recommends potential improvements in work-flow, processes and tools.

Background & Experience Requirements:

·         Minimum job requirements: B.S. in Accounting and 4-5 years accounting experience.

·         Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint software for chart making.

·         Demonstrated experience supporting a budget planning and execution cycle.

·         Demonstrated examples of strong team collaboration behavior.

·         Strong presentation skills. Effective communicator and influencer. 

Desired Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:

·         Familiarity with parish operations and management tools.

·         Familiarity with Archdiocesan reporting requirements.

Customers of this Role: The Pastor, Senior Director of Parish Operations, parish staff, committee chairs and other parish leaders, Archdioceses of SF finance staff.

Desired Collaboration Behaviors:

This role is an internal customer service function supporting the parish staff and lay leadership to make optimal financial decisions to fulfill the mission of the Parish. The person filling this role should proactively offer advice, assistance and insight to resolve issues, locate documentation, respond to questions, and investigate discrepancies. This role helps inform others to empower and ensure accountability by the appropriate functional owners.

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