Nominations Open for Parish Leadership Roles!

Our Parish strives to empower lay women and men with co-responsibility for leadership of most aspects of parish life.  All parish structures, ministries, programs, events, and activities are aligned with one of five working groups of parishioners, which we call “Commissions”.

1. The Administration Commission coordinates the practical affairs of the parish: financial resource acquisition, the investments; church building maintenance, Parish communications, and more..

2. The Community Commission’s purpose is to build a deeper sense of Christian community for all demographic groups of the parish by creating welcoming and inclusive celebrations and events where parishioners can build lasting relationships.    

3. The Formation Commission supports all spiritual programming in the Parish; establishes a comprehensive formation vision, creates the programs and activities within that vision, and coordinates everyone involved in program delivery.

4. The Outreach Commission creates, develops, and maintains opportunities for parishioners to offer service through: Pastoral care, homeless outreach initiatives, social justice advocacy, and more.

5. The Worship Commission directs the liturgical life of the Parish. It coordinates planning and preparation of the church environment for the various liturgical seasons, and oversees training and scheduling of liturgical ministers.

We're now taking nominations for Commission roles for the next 3-year term, beginning June of this year.

Some Criteria for Parish Leadership Roles:

A Commission member is a member of the Parish who:

* understands what is happening in the Parish and engages with parishioners.

* is actively involved in a ministry or group.

* is able to plan and vision, setting clear expectations for others to implement.

* is able to engage and support others to implement the plans.

* is able and willing to regularly attend monthly Leadership Night meetings, held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, for a three-year term.

If you know someone in the Parish who you believe has these leadership talents, feel free to submit their name(s) for consideration to a member of the Parish Nominating Committee shown below. Please include the following information about the person you nominate, or about yourself if you are interested in the role:

1. Name of nominee.

2. Number of years in St. Ignatius Parish.

3. Current ministry or volunteer roles.

4. On what Commision might this person be a good fit.

5. Why you recommend this person (personal attributes,    

   leadership qualities).

Parish Nominating Committee:

Jack Novatney,

Barbara St. Marie,

Erika Cruz,

Mary Yanish,

E.J. Potente,

If you would like more information, please contact Gary Price, Director of Operations,  or take a look at our Leadership Handbook HERE.