Job Opportunity-Church Welcomer

The St. Ignatius Church Welcomer serves as a proactively welcoming presence to all who enter the church, especially during the week when the church is open but there are no services underway.

The Church Welcomer serves many functions, including: greeting visitors, providing information about parish services and programs, encouraging visits to the Shop, facilitating donations for devotional candles, and observing the safety and security of the church.

Specific Responsibilities:

·  Be a welcoming and approachable presence to everyone who enters the church, whether parishioners, visitors or volunteers.

·  Observes and differentiates the persons entering for liturgical, sacramental or devotional purposes, those just visiting, those seeking solitude, and those potentially in need of referrals to the parish offices or other assistance. Greets and assists each person appropriately.

·  When approached by a visitor, determines their interest in the parish, then provides information to encourage further participation in the parish. Offers (for example) the parish bulletin, the welcome booklet, upcoming event information, the parish registration form, the email sign-up card, the ministry booklet, or the volunteer survey, as appropriate.

·  Observes all visitor activity in the church with respect to safety and security. Uses judgment in reporting suspicious or threatening behavior to USF Public Safety or in calling 911 in the case of emergencies.

·  Observes that those desiring to light devotional candles are aware of the request for donations and where to place their offering.

·  Inform visitors of the Shop at St. Ignatius and points it out to them during its open hours.

Job Requirements and Expectations:

The ideal Church Greeter is a person who:

·  enjoys meeting new people and engaging them in conversation.

·  is motivated to help build ongoing relationships between visitors and the parish.

·  is sensible in providing useful information and responding to practical questions.

·  is able to work effectively with parish staff, Shop employees, and church volunteers.

·  can show kindness and mercy to those in need and discern whether a visitor needs a referral for the parish office, or potentially for social services

·  is discreet and vigilant in observing activity inside the church.

·  is kind, but assertive in protecting the church from potential losses and incidents.

·  is confident to respond to non-emergency safety and security issues.

·  exercises good judgment and expedience towards recruiting safety and security support, if necessary.


Hours: This is a part-time role, not to exceed 25 hours per week. There will be 10 shifts available each week, 3.5 hours each, Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 12:00 pm, 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm.

Supervisor:  St. Ignatius Church Sacristan