Highlights from Parish Leadership Night

Highlights from Parish Leadership Night

The five Commissions that support all Parish ministries met on July 11 for their first business-as-usual meeting of the new leadership term. Here’s a summary of their discussions:

·   Community Commission will be taking a closer look at how we are fulfilling our mission to be a welcoming and inclusive Parish by collecting information about the demographics of our parish community, as well as which affinity groups (e.g. young adults, seniors, parents with children, various cultural groups, …) are being reached through our current events line-up. During the coming year, the Commission plans to create new types of events and community-building programs that will more broadly serve all parishioners.

·   Outreach Commission will be working to create a more comprehensive Ministry to the Elderly and to reinvigorate the Helping Hands ministry as part of the effort. The Commission has also established a new Immigration Solidarity Committee that will focus initially on Accompaniment support for a refugee family, in cooperation with St. Agnes. (Fr. Greg explained that there are three aspects to providing “Sanctuary” help: Accompaniment, Advocacy and Shelter.) An organization called “Faith in Action” will be making a presentation to the Parish in September to provide training to parishioners wishing to learn more.

·   Worship Commission set new goals to expand the knowledge and expertise of all its members in various aspects of liturgies and ministries, as well as to evaluate and serve all the liturgical ministries of the Parish. They will also be coordinating with both Community Commission to attract and utilize more parish members as liturgical ministers and with Formation Commission to evaluate the effectiveness of the Children’s Liturgy.  Plans for Simbang Gabi are progressing with the involvement and connection of the USF Filipino community.

·   Formation Commission reviewed progress on its 2016-17 goals in Adult and Children's Faith Formation (CFF), including Confirmation classes, utilization of SI Prep students as CFF teachers, progress on Women's and Men's retreats, opportunities for Ignatian Spirituality, and the Bookstore re-launch.  It also laid out its 2017-18 goals which included continued work on the above and additional goals involving the Manresa Gallery, Children's Liturgy of the Word, and more parental involvement in CFF.

·   Admin Commission reviewed its efforts to develop a more formally structured Communications Committee and agreed to continue seeking thought-leaders to help the Parish develop a more strategic approach. They reviewed a proposal for a more structured, forward-looking annual cycle of planning that will be published in the Leadership Handbook, which can be adapted for use by other groups where it may be useful. They were updated on the status of the 2017-2018 Parish budget and restricted investment funds and discussed optimizing parish finances using all of these resources in a more integrated way during the new fiscal year.