Highlights from October Leadership Night

Highlights from October Leadership Night

Over 40 Parish leaders and staff members attended Leadership Night this month. All 5 Commissions are focusing on renewing and strengthening the linkages to each of their ministry teams and committees, with a goal to begin a more structured monthly inflow of updates from all Parish groups beginning in November. The assigned Commission members will act as liaisons to the committees or ministries within their oversight to observe the status of each group, understand what resources or support may be needed to continue their mission, and communicate important information or issues back to the Commission for discussion.

Worship Commission debriefed the Liturgical Ministries update from a recent committee leaders meeting held at the St. Marie’s home. Among topics discussed were to encourage more frequent use of name tags at Masses to build community; supporting the Greeter’s ministry with the addition of Greeter captains at each Mass; and introducing a stewardship of talent approach to engage more parishioners in making a commitment to serve in one of the liturgical ministries. The Liturgical Planning & Environment Committee provided updates on plans for the Month of Remembrance, Requiem Mass and Christmas decoration, and is considering how to further enhance our candle-lit devotional spaces. This Christmas, St. Ignatius will hold a Simbang Gabi Mass in the spirit of the Filipino tradition that begins 9 days before Christmas. The Commission is forming a team to organize this first-time effort for the Parish.

Formation Commission has 23 ministries within its oversight. After the Commission members have completed their initial outreach to each ministry, the Commission will identify a subset that is most in need of support and will focus more closely on those in the coming months. Their current ministry focus includes the re-launch of the Youth Ministry, serving grades 7 & 8, and how to revitalize Emmaus Young Adults.

Outreach Commission is exploring ways to revitalize Neighbor to Neighbor, formerly known as Helping Hands. Christine Kennedy and Mary Burns will be key contacts for this program. They will be reaching out to engage new Parish volunteers in the program and to connect more deeply with those in need of help who can benefit from the program. The Commission discussed the Citizens Climate Lobby and their interest in having St. Ignatius Parish endorse their carbon tax proposal. The Advocacy Committee will be setting a January date for a presentation of films on slave labor followed by Q&A.

Community Commission continued building plans for refreshing our Parish knowledge base with expanded information about parishioner demographics, family members, affinity groups, and other interests to assist in aligning new community events with parishioner needs and desires. Plans are underway for the next “S.I. in the ‘hood” event, where a parishioner in a specific zip code opens their home to neighboring parishioners to create an opportunity to get to know each other. The Commission is also considering options for a new type of community-building Christmas-time event that could also potentially support urgent charitable needs.

Administration Commission discussed its role in supporting the Director of Parish Operations towards managing the temporal affairs of the Parish and established 3 important goals on which to focus its near-term efforts:  1) Assess our funding and operating needs over the next 3-5 years and look at growth opportunities available to the parish (growth in number of parishioners, total parish giving, and number of active volunteers) including a gap analysis. The intent is to do a thorough situation assessment to inform a potential Parish growth strategy.  2) Develop a capital plan and start a growth campaign.  3) Develop a strategy for enhanced online-giving, including possibly developing or finding a real-time giving app that can be deployed on smartphones.