Fr. John Coleman, S.J. Homily | Sunday Mass, September 6, 2020

Click the video above to view the homily given by Fr. John Coleman, S.J. on September 6, 2020

Readings for the 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time HERE.

Reflection Questions for the Homily:

1) What has been my reaction when someone does me wrong or harm ?

2) Do I have the courage to respond to someone who does me wrong or harm and to seek from them true reconciliation?

3) Why does Jesus also say, if our one-on-one attempts at reconciliation fail, we should ask two others to go with us to approach the person who has done me wrong or harm?

4) What would (really) serve you as your local community that would be told about the wrong or harm done to you?

5) How would you find resources to continue to pray for and seek good for the one who has done you wrong or harm, even if they refuse to be reconciled?