Fr. Greg's Pastoral Letter | August 2, 2020

Dear Sisters and Brothers –
I write you on the feast day of our founder, St. Ignatius Loyola, whose charism continues to be a vibrant path for millions of faithful on their journey into a deeper relationship with Jesus. His spirituality is practical, often communicated in shorthand: “Finding God in All Things” (The Author of Creation continues reveals him/herself in every aspect of creation; we have but to notice.) “The Magis” (Which option before me more leads me more deeply into relationship with God?) “Cura Personalis” (“Care of the Person” a hallmark of the Jesuit/Ignatian way of engaging others.) “Contemplatives in Action” (We respond to the Call of the King [another shorthand!] to serve, but only after being rooted in our prayerful relationship with Jesus.)
Not only do we celebrate our Patron but we celebrate and give thanks for our parish and for one another, for all that God is doing in and among us for others and for the Greater Glory of God. (More shorthand and the motto of the Society of Jesus!) May God continue to bless our faith community!
It falls to me once again to share more sad news: Devi Zinzuvadia, our Director of Communications, is moving on from us to take a job as the Director of Development at St. James School; this is her last weekend with us on the staff. A parishioner who served (and will continue to serve!) the parish in a number of ways, including as a member of the Solidarity Committee, the Mercy & Justice Commission and the Parish Council, Devi came to the staff just eight months ago. She quickly brought her own creativity to our communications. That creativity unexpectedly became a greater gift to our parish when we began to shelter in place in March, looking for and finding ways to maintain virtual and digital connection with you. Even more than the author of the bi-weekly newsletter, Devi is probably most familiar to you as the friendly “voice” in the YouTube chat box during our Sunday live-stream Mass. Devi greets, guides, answers questions, and troubleshoots our way through virtual Mass while producing other live elements, giving “face” to our parish Mission Statement, which calls us to be a “welcoming and inclusive Catholic community.” On a personal note, one of the reasons I will miss her is because she “gets” my voice better than anyone before her: the drafts she has written and the edits she has made have often sounded more like me than I do!
Devi, often behind the scenes, your work has very much been the public face of the parish, and you have done it so well. We are grateful for your time at St. Ignatius in your capacity as a member of the staff, and we look forward to your time with us going forward in your continuing capacity as a member of our faith community. God bless you abundantly in your ministry at St. James.
Finally, remember that twice this spring and summer we made detailed plans for an outdoor Mass, which took hours of staff time and loads of goodwill. However, at the last minute, both times common sense dictated to cancel. Consequently, I announced early in July that we would decide about public Masses for a month at a time. Last week I announced at Mass that I made the decision that we will not hold any public Masses in August. Another announcement will be made in a few weeks about September.
Finally, finally, we are open for business. If you have pastoral needs (anointing, confession, pastoral counseling, or more), call us. Children’s Faith Formation is open for registration; call us. If you need help grocery shopping or picking up your prescriptions or something else, call us. If you just want to talk, call us. 415.422.2188. Call us. We are here to help and to minister.
I and we miss you. A lot. And, like many, I and we are feeling it more deeply these days. So, as always,
oremus pro invicem,

Fr. Greg