Fr. Greg's Pastoral Letter - April 15, 2018

Dear Sisters and Brothers –

As I was making my way to the confessional after our Good Friday services, a member of our parish approached me with tears in her eyes. “Last night and this afternoon were so moving. And I am so grateful because I know there are hundreds of people back there who have worked and are working so hard so that the rest of us can enter into all this and just experience it. All we have to do is just show up. I am so grateful.”

Well, there weren’t hundreds of people, but there were dozens. And they did work hard, for months. They meticulously planned. They edited and wrote scripts. They ordered flowers. They hung banners. They ironed and swept. They lifted and they schlepped. They rehearsed. And they rehearsed. They arranged and they rearranged. They decorated. They stuffed Easter eggs and they donated them to other children in need. They proclaimed the Word, they ministered the Eucharist, they greeted, they ushered, and they served at the altar. They set up and took down. And they did it “so that the rest of us can enter into all this and just experience it.”

The rest of us owe great gratitude to those who created the experience and wonder of Holy Week and Easter. We are most grateful for your creativity, long hours, and great generosity. To the members of the Liturgy Planning and Environment Committee, our many creative volunteers, and our staff, we say thank you. Holy Week is a smorgasbord of rich fare for the soul, and all of you gave our parish a wonderful gift. I am most grateful to the “hundreds” of you. God certainly blessed your labors; may God now bless you.

On another note, April is Ministry Month at St. Ignatius Parish. Our plan this month is to give a broad-based, comprehensive understanding of the ministry opportunities available at St. Ignatius.

We know that volunteer service and ministry in and through this or any parish most often differ in a significant way from the kind of volunteering one might do for her civic community or in his company’s service program. What makes it different, I find, is that people are motivated by their faith; they are choosing to share their gifts with others as one way of living out our common Baptismal call to “love one another as I have loved you.”

These next two weekends, you will hear the testimonies of fellow parishioners and have a chance to review a booklet we will provide with a summary description of all the key ministry and service opportunities available in the Parish, along with information about the time commitment, whom to contact, and how to get started. Our hope is that you will find a fit among your God-given skills, talents, and interests; identify the real needs that exist within and outside the Parish; and learn about the types of ministries and programs that are of interest and make service meaningful to you.

Also, mark your calendars for Saturday, April 28. Following the 5 pm Mass, we will hold a gathering in Fromm Hall, open to everyone, to gather together all our parish “ministers,” in other words, those currently serving, as well as those who are discerning whether or how to get more involved in parish ministries and leadership. Dinner and refreshments will be served. Watch for upcoming parish communications on how to RSVP.

God bless you and St. Ignatius Parish.

Oremus pro invicem.

Fr. Greg