Fr. Greg's Pastoral Letter - April 1, 2018

Dear Sisters and Brothers –

Here is the Easter message in a nutshell:

He was too full of life

for death to hold him.

He was too full of light

for darkness to vanquish him.

He was too full of love

for a tomb to imprison him.

Resurrexit sicut dixit!


He is risen as he said!


There are so many signs of Resurrection and Easter all around us. Seven Catechumens and six Candidates became full members of our Faith Community at the Easter Vigil. More than 100 new families have joined our parish in the last year. Our middle school Youth Group is growing, our Ministry to Seniors is flourishing, some 35 parishioners meet together monthly to guide the direction and ministries of our Parish, Sandwich Saturday and Shelter Meals continue to help care for our sisters and brothers without homes, and more.

In Mark’s gospel, when the women come to the tomb, they find it empty. A messenger (angel) is there who tells them that Christ has risen and that Peter and the disciples will find him in Galilee. We must not look for him among the dead, but must find him among the living. Where will Galilee be for us?

Go onto the streets and look for him. Go to the prisons. Meet the hungry Christ by joining us in serving people without homes through the Gubbio Project. Meet the aging and infirm Christ through your Ministry to Seniors or your visitation of the homebound. Go to the inner city. Find the risen Christ in your families. Listen to the words of Pope Francis. Look for and find the risen Christ in the poor. He is there among the abused. He is there among the abandoned and despairing. Discover the risen Christ in your spouse and children. Look for him among your coworkers and friends. Discover him in your classmates and teammates.

Because of the resurrection, the world is charged with the beauty, the truth, the power, and the love of our God. Death tried to hold God’s love, to vanquish God’s love, to imprison God’s love, and death failed. For good reason we sing Alleluia!

Fr. John, Fr. Paul, Fr. Joe, and the entire Pastoral Staff of St. Ignatius Loyola Parish join me in wishing you all a blessed and happy Easter. And during these fifty days of the Easter season, let our lives give witness to the great Good News—Resurrexit sicut dixit!  Alleluia! He is risen as he said! Alleluia!

Oremus pro invicem.

Fr. Greg