Fr. Greg's Pastoral Letter

Dear Sisters and Brothers –

Two weeks ago, Fran Quinn van Bergen, our longtime Director of Development, shared with me the news that she had been offered and had accepted a position as Director of Development for a national non-profit organization. As she told several, this is a perfect step forward in her career as a development professional. However, it is a great loss for St. Ignatius Parish.

Fran has been a parishioner at St. Ignatius since 1994, raising her family among us and has been part of the staff since 2006. During my time as pastor, she has worked hard to keep pace with our increased programming, with great success, growing our Parish Giving Appeal by nearly 100% in the last four years. Though her title indicates only fundraising, she has always been a key person behind our events, socials, and all things having to do with hospitality and welcome. Fran is a wonderful and gracious colleague; her wisdom and perspective, honesty and kindness, humor, and elegance have been gifts to us all, enabling us to do well what God has given us to accomplish. I will greatly miss working with her. (Note, however, that she has made it clear she’s not leaving as a parishioner!)

Because of her characteristic humility and generosity, Fran has asked for no public expression of our gratitude. However, because of your own graciousness, I know that you will want to thank her and wish her well. You can email her or send a card care of the office.

God bless you, Fran, in all that lies ahead. We look forward to continuing to worship with you.

On another note, elsewhere in the bulletin is a report by our parish’s new committee that is looking at the issues of immigration, refugees, and sanctuary. They’re doing important work, including providing simple and meaningful ways for us to heed the call of the Gospel and get involved, both individually and as a parish.

Please continue to pray for St. Ignatius Parish, that we be a community of welcome, of gratitude and generosity, and of service to all.