Fr. Greg's Pastoral Letter

Dear Sisters and Brothers –

On June 14, parishioners Izzy Gutierrez and her dad, Eddy; Mario Hemann and his dad, John; Mark Kearney and his dad, Andy; Harry Hutzel, and I will travel to El Salvador to visit our sister parish, Parroquia San Antonio, in Soyapango for a week.  We ask your prayers for us and for our hosts during this very special time.

As most of you know, we have had a relationship with Parroquia San Antonio since November 2001, when we first signed our Sister Parish Covenant.  Over the years, our two parishes have sent delegations back and forth, exchanging cultures, faith and resources.  The proceeds from our annual Pancake Breakfast, silent auction, and craft sales support scholarships, job-training workshops, and other urgent needs.

One cannot overemphasize the value and importance of our visit to our friends in Soyapango.  Pope Francis speaks often about the importance of “encounter” among people, reminding us that building bridges is a part of what it is to be a Catholic Christian. We have much to learn from our sisters and brothers of San Antonio, and we will seek to enhance our relationship with this immensely rich and courageous parish community.

We are excited about this journey, and we ask for your prayers for us and for our hosts during this time.

Thank you to Arlene Boyle and her committee, whose careful planning, hard work, and genuine care for Fr. John and our parish helped to make the Golden Jubilee celebration a beautiful and memorable day for all of us.

Oremus pro invicem,