Fr. Greg's Pastoral Letter

Dear Brothers and Sisters –


Today is a great day for St. Ignatius! It’s great day because we welcome 22 members of our parish community to the Table of the Lord as they receive their First Communion. In their reception of the Eucharist, they meet Jesus in a new and profound way; Jesus, our Good Shepherd, our Life and Resurrection, who cares for us in our every need.


Most often we experience the love of the Shepherd in the love of our family members and friends. Today we celebrate our mothers and stepmothers, our grandmothers and godmothers, in whose voices of love, concern, challenge, and acceptance we can hear the voice of Jesus and, thus, experience his abiding care for us. We give thanks for our mothers and stepmothers today, for their love and faith, and ask God to bless them with every good thing, especially good health and deep joy.


Elsewhere in the bulletin you will find a copy of the letter that Archbishop Cordileone wrote after his pastoral visitation to St. Ignatius three weeks ago. As you will read, you made him feel very welcome and at home here. Our model of lay leadership, the way we pray together on Sundays and the inquiries from members of our Parish Council and Finance Committee about how St. Ignatius might be helpful and supportive of him and the various ministries of the Archdiocese especially impressed him. It was a very good and fruitful visit, and I am grateful for the deepened relationship between our parish and Archbishop Cordileone. Please pray for him and his ministry, as I assured him of all our prayers.


May God bless you as we continue to move through the Easter Season.


Oremus pro invicem.

Fr. Greg