5 Questions with CLOW's Kate Eschelbach

This weekend, CLOW returns via video under the direction of Kate Eschelbach, with help from Lisa Freese, the new Parish coordinator for Children's Faith Formation. We had a chance to connect with Kate ahead of the first taping of the new "season" of CLOW, and here's what she had to tell us.

Where are you from, what's your day job, and how long have you been a parishioner at St. Ignatius? 

We joined the parish when we moved here in 2013. Elizabeth and I knew right away that this was where we needed to be! Right now, our day jobs are all at Ecole Notre Dame des Victoires, where Elizabeth is a 5th grader, Maggie is in Kindergarten and I'm a 6th grade Religion Teacher and5th grade Aide. But, of course, those are just our day jobs and not our CLOW ages/grades. Or even our CLOW names, actually. You've gotta tune in to CLOW to find those out each week!

What inspired you to take on this ministry serving the children of our parish?

When we first joined the parish, Elizabeth joined the preschool CFF and after a few months, her teacher had the chance to study abroad. A teacher was needed to fill in for a few weeks, and having watched and helped my mom, a very talented kindergarten teacher and preschool catechist, I was honored to help out. Well, it turned into a longer gig! Yet, the inspiration also comes from, and also continues to be, working with all of the children involved and hearing God's word - in our own words.

What's been the biggest challenge you've faced doing CLOW during Covid-19?

Not being able to see our CLOW friends in person! And not being able to have Mike teach with us. We miss everyone so much.

How is it working with your kids to make videos every Sunday?

We are having a wonderful time creating the CLOW videos together. It has been a blessing, and is actually hard to describe how incredible it has been. It is something that has brought us closer together, that we've really enjoyed, and have had many laughs trying to do. We come up with all of our ideas together before filming, but inevitably there's always a curve ball (or two, or three...) while in the moment. Whether it is a technical difficulty, a sudden necessary wardrobe change, a redo on a song, or escaping guinea pigs, we do try to keep the true spirit of CLOW goofy fun as it was in person. We usually try to film during the week leading up to Sunday so we can have it ready for all of you by then. We're just so lucky to have had the support of the Parish to film these and keep things going.

What's the craziest location you've filmed CLOW from?

We never imagined that we'd be filming it from our living room. So, that is pretty crazy by itself. But, the best one on the road? It was definitely on the trail at Pinnacles National Park while it was raining. We were acting out the story of Lazarus and it was hilarious pretending to move a giant rock aside and having Lazarus appear among the manzanitas. Close runner up was the one in a covered wagon near Yosemite. Where will we go next? Hard to say. We are hoping that we can return in person with everyone before too long. That will be a crazy happy day when we can sing the Gloria joyfully together with our loudest voices! Thank you to everyone who has supported us and has watched and participated along with us all this time. Until that day, we hope you'll continue to tune in and have some fun with us.