"Why I Am Catholic" Parishioner Testimonials

Over the next few weeks, we will present parishioner testimonials in response to the reflection questions for "Why I Am Catholic" as shown below. Throughout the season of Lent, we invite you to read the personal essays by fellow parishioners and prayerfully reflect on the same questions they used to prompt their thoughtful responses.

Maddy and Jay Davies
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Theresa "Terry" Potente
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James Colligan
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Ryan and Kendall Woods
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Michael Boyle
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Join us for gatherings where parishioners will present their testimonies, followed by discussion and sharing in small groups. See the schedule HERE.

Reflection Questions: “Why I Am Catholic”

How did you become Catholic?

-  If you are a “cradle Catholic”, what was your experience growing up?

-  If you were baptized or received into the Church as an adult, why did you convert?  What did you find attractive about the Church?

What difference has being a Catholic made in your life?”

How has your Catholic faith been important to you?  What, in how you live your life, demonstrates that?

What do you find attractive about Catholicism today?

What about Catholicism do you struggle with today?

What challenges do you face as a Catholic?

-  From within yourself or from within the Church?

-  From outside yourself or outside the Church?

Why do you choose to remain Catholic today?

-  What are the teachings or beliefs that you hold onto because they are helpful?

-  Who are the people you hold onto because they inspire you, or teach you, or are helpful in some way?

-  What are the traditions or rituals or sacraments that nourish your faith?

-  Or, what is it that holds onto you? (Versus you holding onto it.)

How does the Church help you to live the life you want to live or be the person you want to be?  Does being Catholic help you to know Jesus more deeply?  If so, how?

How do you experience God in or through all or any of the above?

-  What is that God like, in your experience?  How would you describe that God, either in anthropomorphic terms or in non-anthropomorphic terms?

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