Parish Council

The Parish Council includes up to 15 members who are representative of the parish’s various constituencies.  Members are suggested by Council members, parish staff, and others and selected by the Pastor. Members commit to a two-year term, with a maximum of two consecutive terms.

Parish Council Members

Bill Walsh
Therese Cannata
Faith Formation
Rachel Isip
Kevin Finn
Kathleen Maxwell
Ron Martell
Gail Priestley
Mercy & Justice
Elaine Warren
Parish Council


  • Identify needs that exist in the parish and establish structures to address those needs
  • Determine the future directions for the parish through planning and prayerful discernment
  • Communicate the goals, policies and decisions of the council to the parish community
  • Act as a model of Christian community and leadership to the rest of the parish
  • Encourage parishioner initiative, involvement and decision making at all levels of parish life
  • Delegate administrative tasks to the appropriate groups or persons (staff or parishioners) while retaining accountability. The Parish Council is not an administrative committee responsible for micro-managing the parish
  • Participate in ongoing education and formation on major Church concerns such as Scripture, theology, liturgy, and contemporary pastoral practice.
Parish Council

Membership Criteria

  • Registered member of St. Ignatius Church
  • Demonstrated commitment to St. Ignatius Church through participation in liturgy, involvement in ministry and financial support of the parish
  • Willing to take responsibility, demonstrated leadership ability and appropriate talents, such as listening and communication skills
  • Willing to make decisions for the good of the whole community
  • Aware of the value of diversity at all levels of parish leadership
  • Prayer-centered and willing to enter into the discernment process
  • Ability to work well within a group
  • Willing to come to meetings prepared and “do your homework,” as needed
Parish Council


  • Each year two co-chairpersons will be chosen from among the Pastoral Council members. Whenever possible, the terms will be staggered, with one new and one experienced co-chair.
  • The Chairpersons share the responsibility of presiding at meetings and preparing, with the pastor, the meeting agenda. The chairpersons are responsible for facilitating effective and productive Council meetings and for ongoing communication with Council members.
  • Each year, a secretary will be chosen from among the Pastoral Council members.  The secretary is responsible for taking minutes at all meetings and distributing copies to the members within two weeks after the meeting.
Parish Council


  • The Council meets once per month, with additional meetings, as needed.
  • An agenda is prepared by the chairperson and Pastor and distributed prior to the meeting.
  • When issues of major importance to the parish arise, the Council will meet as often as necessary to resolve the issue. When necessary, the chairperson may appoint a subcommittee to study an issue and make recommendations at the next meeting.
  • Staff or other individuals not on the Council may be asked to attend meetings when appropriate.


For more information about the Parish Council, contact Fr. Gregory Bonfiglio, S.J.

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