How to create an event

To create an event on the St. Ignatius site, you first need to log into the site editor. You’ll need an editor account to do this (ask Gary Price about getting one if you’re interested).

Logging In

To login, click the small up arrow on the bottom right of the site. If you’re logging in for the first time, or you don’t see the up arrow, enter the below url to show the editor login:

Then simply login with your credentials.

Creating a new event

Once you’re logged into the editor, click on the collections link at the bottom.

Collections are “types” of content on our site such as events, blog posts, commissions, people, etc. Collections let us create one template for a type of thing, and reuse that template each time we want to create a new version of that thing.

Next, click on the Events collection.

Next, click New Event at the top.

Next, fill out the information about your event.

Be sure and fill out ALL the information--especially adding photos--before publishing your event, otherwise the entry will look incomplete on the site and may confuse visitors who view it. If you’re not ready to publish the event just yet, that’s ok. Just leave it in a draft state and it will save your work but won’t be visible on the site.

Adding an Eventbrite RSVP

Eventbrite is a web service that lets users create events and automatically manage attendees registrations, wait lists, reminder emails and a lot more.

To add an eventbrite registration to your event on the St. Ignatius website, first open a new browser tab and type in Go ahead and log into the St. Ignatius account (ask Gary Price for a login to this account if you need one).

Once you’re logged in, click “create event”

Next, fill out the event information (it’s likely the same information as you put into the St. Ignatius site so you can just copy/paste).

When you’re done, click Save at the top. On the very next page, you should see that the URL has updated and now looks something like this:

The eid= part of the URL stands for “eventbrite ID.” The number that follows the equals sign is the unique ID for this event. We’ll want to copy this number (just the number, not the entire URL) and paste it into our event form for the St. Ignatius site.

Adding this ID to our event form will add the sign up button for this event directly onto our St. Ignatius Parish page, allowing people who view the event to register and receive reminder emails about the event automatically through eventbrite.

For additional help using the site editor, please refer to this article (hint: this article is published in the support section of, which is the software used to build the St. Ignatius site).

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