To Redeem the Soul of America: King's Vision and It's Challenge to U.S. Catholics - a lecture by Fr. Bryan Massingale


Father Bryan Massingale, a priest of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee and a professor of theological and social ethics at Fordham University, is one of the world’s leading Catholic social ethicists and scholars of African American theological ethics, racial justice, and liberation theology and holds two honorary doctorates.

He has served as president of the Catholic Theological Society of America and convenor of the Black Catholic Theological Symposium. His book, Racial Justice and the Catholic Church (Orbis Books, 2010), won a first place book award from the Catholic Press Association.

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Event Contacts

Mark Diamond
Director of Parish Faith Formation

Where to Meet

Xavier Chapel, Fromm Hall, 650 Parker Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94118


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