St. Agnes Snack Bag Food Drive

October 19-20 Weekend

St. Agnes Snack Bag Food Drive

The St. Agnes Snack Bag Food Drive (previously known as St. Agnes Pantry Food Drive) is held every third weekend of the month.

Coming up: October 19-20 Weekend.

The St. Agnes Snack Bag Food Drive collection needs foods in easy-to-open packaging for snack bags that will be distributed to people living on the streets or who don't have access to a kitchen.

To support this ministry, please bring items, such as:

-Boxed or canned juice, e.g. V8.
-Vienna sausage or other protein packaged in a pull-top container.
-Fruit cups or apple sauce.
-Protein bars or other healthy snacks.

Please place your contributions in the baskets located at the church entrances at any of the weekend Masses.

Click HERE to learn more about this ministry and other Mercy and Justice ministries.

Michael & Irene Cahalan

650 Parker Ave, San Francisco, CA 94118

October 19-20 Weekend


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