Special Collection - Catholic Communications Campaign

June 1-2 Weekend


Coinciding with World Communications Day, this annual national appeal supports efforts in the United States and around the world in using media, internet, and print publications to help people connect with Christ.

Fifty percent of funds collected will remain in each diocese to support local communication efforts. The other half is used to support national projects in the US and in developing countries around the world.

Here in the archdiocese, the funds are critical to our ability to staff and provide resources for Catholic San Francisco, websites for the newspaper & archdiocese, The Bridge newsletter, and social media channels.

We will pass the basket around twice, one right after the other.

The first basket will be for the regular weekly collection.

The second basket will be for the special collection.

Please use a yellow goldenrod envelope for special collections available in the pews.

Event Contacts

Carolyn Saade

Where to Meet

650 Parker Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94118

June 1-2 Weekend


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