Simple Needs, Needs YOU!

Collections at the October 12-13 weekend Masses


Family House serves as a home-away-from-home for families of children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses by providing physical comfort and emotional support, free from financial concerns.

When a family comes to Family House, they are first taken to Fozzy's Toy Room, where the child and siblings choose a toy of their own.

Please consider donating a toy to Fozzy's Toy Room, as they rely solely on donations and give away 70+ toys a week!

They accept only NEW toys for any age group, including:

trucks, Lego, dolls, board games, playsets, baby gifts, gift cards for teen patients, makeup, movie tickets, coloring books, STEM toys, remote-controlled cars, etc.

Please place your toy donation in the baskets at the entrances of the church. Thank you for your support!

For more information, contact:

Jennifer Sequeira,

To learn more about the Simple Needs ministry, click HERE.

Event Contacts

Jennifer Sequeira

Where to Meet

650 Parker Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94118

Collections at the October 12-13 weekend Masses


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