Shelter Meal: Supplemental Grocery Drive SF Latinx Community

Second Sundays

Mission Neighborhood Centers serves low-income seniors, youth and families with young children throughout San Francisco by providing culturally sensitive, multi-generational, community-based programs.  The Food Bank provides a variety of foods, including fresh, frozen and canned. However, they are not always able to provide culturally appropriate food.  Mission Neighborhood Center partners with other local organizations to add these types of foods items to the grocery bags.

The Shelter Meal Program will be collecting the following items on Sunday, May 9th, between 11:00am-12:30pm:

Dried Beans (e.g. black, pinto, etc.) pack size between 1 and 10lbs

Corn Tortillas (white or yellow)
Nutrition shakes (Orgain, Ensure, Vega, etc.)

The food items will be delivered to non-profit organizations that provide community based services for the Latinx community in San Francisco. We are outreaching to organization who have food pantries and community nutrition programs that serve low-income individuals and families. Although the SF Marin Food Bank provides a variety of foods to pantries and programs throughout San Francisco, it is not always able to provide cultural food.

Collections will take place the second Sunday of each month.

Please look for a collection table and volunteers on the Parker Street side of the church, near the Parish Office on Sunday morning between 11:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., after mass.  

To sign up to assist at the collection tables, please go to the Shelter Meal Sign-up schedule.

Variables:  We will be periodically updating the list of food items based on reported needs.  Also, during the rainy season, we may announce other locations for drop-off. Please visit the Shelter Meal Program page for our calendar, which will be regularly updated with information about this project.  For questions, please free to contact our Shelter Meal team leaders through the website.

Therese Cannata
(925) 890-9897
Tiffany Kearney

Second Sundays


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