Pilgrimage to Angel Island

The Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity is a partner with St. Ignatius Parish in shining a light on the struggles of those who find themselves migrants in our world today. We invite you to a spiritual and educational pilgrimage to Angel Island, a national landmark that bears witness to the experiences of immigrant detainees. The immigration Station on Angel Island (1910-1940) served to control mostly Chinese migration in to the U.S. through brutal and dehumanizing processes.

On this interfaith pilgrimage, we will explore:

-The institutionalized "othering" and incarceration of people of color in prison and detention systems, past and present.

-Discern the role of faith responses to the immigrant struggle.

-Honor the resilience of immigrant communities who assert their humanity and dignity.

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Saturday July 18, August 1 & August 22


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