Remember : Return your CRS Rice Bowls at the Masses this Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday, April 13-14, all Masses


Join more than 14,000 church communities across the United States in a life-changing Lenten journey of encounter with Catholic Relief Service's (CRS) Rice Bowl.

Please return your filled Rice Bowls the weekend of Palm Sunday, April 13-14.

Every week, we will learn about our neighbors; companions on the journey:

Fifth Week of Lent--We encounter Ona from Gaza, where despite the lack of economic opportunity, people pursue their dreams by building businesses to better their lives. How do your daily choices impact others throughout the world? How can your choices support the dignity of workers? Visit for more.
Fourth week of Lent--We encounter Kumba from Sierra Leone, who, through her education, is providing hope for her family and community. How has education given you opportunities in life? How do you use your education for the common good? Visit for more
Third Week of Lent--In SriLanka, the Dhathcroos family returned home, after fleeing violence in their country, to build a prosperous farm and become a vital contributor to their community. How can you assist refugees in your community to rebuild their lives? How can you support refugees worldwide who are fleeing violence in their country?  Visit for more.
Second Week of Lent: In Uganda, we encounter Annet and her family, children forced to flee violence, searching for stability.  How are we called to welcome the stranger in our midst?  How can you support those, worldwide, who are forced to flee their homes to find safety or better opportunities?  Visit for more.
First Week of Lent: In Guatemala, we encounter Norma, who as a young mother, supports her family and shares her skills with her community.  Reflect on the importance of family in your life.  How can you contribute to support families in your community?  Visit for more.

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Maggie Warner

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650 Parker Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94118

Palm Sunday, April 13-14, all Masses


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