Laudato si' Circle

2nd and 4th Mondays of the Month on Sundays at 12:15 pm

Laudato si' Circle is a ministry where small groups of people meet regularly to deepen their relationship with God as creator and all members of creation. We are participating in the Global Catholic Climate Movement through prayer, reflection, and actions, using Pope Francis's Encyclical on the Environment, Laudato si', as our guiding document. Join on this Sunday for a conversation on single use plastics!

Focus: Clothing

Fact: The US produces 25 billion tons of textile waste per year which translates to about 82 pounds per person.

For Reflection: When buying clothes, do you think about who made them or under what conditions? Do you think about what will happen to the clothes when you are done with them?

Action 1: Watch the film The True Cost on Netflix or buy it on Does it inspire you to take action? How about buying less or thrift shopping at a secondhand store?  How about Upcycling or downcycling items before discarding them?

Read more about upcycling and downcycling

Watch a video that talks about it microfibers getting into fish in the ocean  

Check out the Laudato si' webpage for more resources and information on how to register for Sunday's meeting!

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2nd and 4th Mondays of the Month on Sundays at 12:15 pm


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