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May 20, 2018 7:00 PM


The Baby (Jesuit) Bunch

Sunday, May 20, at Santa Clara University

Jesuit Connections-Bay Area is proud to co-sponsor an event this Sunday:

Here's a Story... of 8 young men who chose to become Jesuits: "Money Mike"... "Senator Jack"... "Hollywood Joe"... "Crossfit Ryan"... "Mystic Vu"... "Teasie Cortese"... "Futbolista Vic"... "Doctor Ngo"...  Come find out why the heck they would do this with their lives.

Where? The Courtyard of the Santa Clara Jesuit Community.

Who can come? Anyone! Although, this is primarily geared toward college students and young adults.

What? There will be food, drinks, games, and plenty of time to meet these 8 young men.

How much $? Free!



Jesuit Connections -Bay Area is very excited to announce that we now have a website!

Special thanks to the Maryland and Northeast Province of Jesuits for their support in hosting the website, which serves as a central landing point of all-things-Jesuit-Connections in the United States.  Upcoming events and news will be updated on a regular basis, so feel free to bookmark the site!

Event Contacts

T Cortese

Where to Meet

801 Franklin St, Santa Clara, CA 95053

May 20, 2018 7:00 PM


Please RSVP to

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