Get on the Bus - Mother's Day & Father's Day event

Get on the Bus, is a ministry that our parish supports by funding buses, so children can visit their incarcerated parent on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

On the weekend of May 6-7th, there will be tables set up at the side entrances of the church, where you can make a donation in honor of your mother or father or anyone special in your life.

By making a donation you are enabling some of the 865,000 children in California who have an incarcerated parent to visit with their parent and be a family if only for an afternoon.

You will receive a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day card to give to your parent or special friend.

Ana Gonzalez-Lane

650 Parker Avenue, San Francisco, SF 94118

Saturday July 18, August 1 & August 22


No RSVP required.

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