Cappella Romana Presents Hymns of Kassiane

Concert begins at 7:30pm, Saturday, January 18

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From Cappella Romana:

"Discover the ancient music of 9th century nun, poet, and hymnographer Kassianë, a.k.a. Kassía. Hear an ensemble of female and male psaltës (cantors) sing rarely heard music by Byzantium’s most formidable and prolific female composer. New discoveries, researched and led by Cappella Romana music director and founder Alexander Lingas, complement her famous Hymn of Kassianë from Orthodox Holy Week and When Augustus reigned from Christmastide. Bold in her life, and fervent in her faith, Kassía’s voice is unlike any other, on full display in this can’t-miss program."

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St. Ignatius Parish
(415) 422-2188

St. Ignatius Church | 650 Parker Avenue

Concert begins at 7:30pm, Saturday, January 18


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