Administration Commission is responsible for coordinating the temporal affairs of the Parish: how resources are acquired, managed and spent, how the physical building is preserved and maintained, and how the Parish communicates to parishioners and the community.

Building Preservation Committee

Reviews the maintenance, preservation and enhancement of the existing building structures and makes recommendations as necessary.

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Church Building and Preservation Committee

The Committee advises the pastor and staff by soliciting and reviewing proposals for the long-term maintenance, preservation, and enhancement of the historic church building, its infrastructure, and systems.

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Communications Strategy Team

Assists with development of the Parish strategy and priorities for internal and external communications.

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Development Committee

Coordinates, directs and schedules appeals for financial contributions and other resources, as well as, schedules special collections and fund-raising events for the parish.

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Development Office Assistants

Assist the Director with day to day operations of the office such as mailings, data entry, database queries, analysis of information and preparing reports.

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Finance and Investment Committee

Consults with the Pastor, staff and other Commissions regarding expenditures, preparation of budgets, and legal compliance.

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Investment Committee

Helps set investment policy and manage Parish investments to meet long-term needs including preservation of the church building.

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Parish Commissions

Commissions are groups of selected parishioners who work together to give direction to each aspect of Parish life: Administration, Formation, Outreach, Community and Worship. Each Commission sets both short-term and long-term goals and action plans that are consistent with the Mission Statement of the Parish.

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Parish Council

The Parish Council provides a common direction and focus for the Parish as a whole and sets the vision for the five working Commissions.

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Parish Office Support

There are many ways to be of service by assisting in the Parish Office.

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Website and Social Media

Helps keep the new Parish website and our social media sites including Facebook and Twitter up to date.

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