After a series of talks on the issues of immigration, ecological justice, human trafficking, environmental justice, and restorative justice, parishioners were invited to participate in a discernment process to choose a justice issue for the parish. Two issues that surfaced were Sanctuary and Human Trafficking.


Earlier this year, interested parishioners met to discern whether or not God might be calling forth from St. Ignatius Parish some communal response to the issue of refugees and immigration. Our prayerful reflections led us to adopt a position of openness toward providing sanctuary for those who may have left their countries of origin and are seeking some form of security in our country. (Accompaniment is one of the three legs of the “sanctuary” stool; the other two are Advocacy and Shelter.)

Human Trafficking Slavery isn’t dead. Human trafficking, also known as “trafficking in persons”, is the illegal trade of people for exploitation or commercial gain. It is a form of modern day slavery. Human trafficking enslaves at least 20 to 30 million men, women, and children each year. Concrete steps that can be taken to stop human trafficking:  advocate for improved laws, policies, and protocols and advocate for victims’ rights.


There are a number of ways in which we can act against human trafficking and support sanctuary services for those in immediate need:

1)    A vote in the State Legislature is scheduled this Monday for the Human Trafficking Prevention Education & Training Act, AB 1227, so please call your State Assembly member and Senator today and urge them to vote YES on Assembly/Senate Bill AB 1227. 

Telephone calls and emails have shown to be more effective than mailing letters. Click the links below to find the contact info for your legislators. Also available is a form letter that you can use as a template in your emails in the links below.

The safety and well-being of many children, women, and men depend on this bill.

Click here to find your State Assembly Member.

Click here to find your Senator.

2)    Click these links to view, print, and sign a form letter to send to your legislator:

Click here for Word document.

Click here for PDF.


3)    Bring in a gift card (for Lucky, Target, or Ross Dress for Less) for the Simple Needs collection at the Masses on August 12-13.


Make a tax-deductible contribution to our newly established Sanctuary Fund. Checks may be made payable to St. Ignatius Church and earmarked for the Sanctuary Fund to support immigrant families in need.

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